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Advanced WordPress Course Outline

Advanced  WordPress

Course Description: This online course covers advanced topics in WordPress such as editing PHP files, HTML and CSS.  This course is lead by a live instructor.

Content: Advanced WordPress

Length: 4 Weeks
Each weekly session will be archived for future viewing.
Course Outline

Selecting Domain Names

Installing WordPress

Purchasing & Installing Templates

Logo Design





The Home Page Redirect

Editing PHP & CSS


CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Plug-in

Facebook Like Box

Search Engine Verification

Other Plug-ins

Weekly Lessons


Read Chapters 1-3

Complete Lessons 1-2 (see Chapter 17)

Week 2

Read Chapters 4-7

Complete Lessons 5-6 (see Chapter 17)

Week 3

Read Chapters 8-11

Complete Lessons 7-12 (see Chapter 17)

Week 4

Read Chapters 12-16

Complete Lessons 13-20 (see Chapter 17)

Tech Empowerment: Advanced WordPress, HTML & CSS (paperback)

Tech Empowerment: Advanced WordPress, HTML & CSS (ebook) (note: ebook printing has been disabled by the publisher)