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Google Android App Inventor Course Outline

Google Android App Inventor

Course Description: An introduction Google Android App Inventor allows you to create simple applications for the Android smart phone..  This course is lead by a live instructor.

Content: Google Android App Inventor

Length: 4 Weeks

Each weekly session will be archived for future viewing.
Course Outline

About Google Android App Inventor

Computer Programming

Setup Your Computer & Mobile Device

Overview of the App Inventor Designer

Overview of Blocks Editor Built-in Blocks

Overview of Blocks Editor My Blocks

Your 1st Application “Hello World”

QR Codes

Your 2nd Application “PicCall”

Your 3rd Application “Paint Plot”

Your 4th Application “Tiny DB Demo”

Weekly Lessons


Read Chapters 1-3

Lesson for Week1:

Setup your Android Device as described in Chapter 3.

Week 2

Read Chapters 4-7

Lesson for Week2:

Create the “Hello World” application as described in Chapter 7.

Week 3

Read Chapters 8-9

Lesson A for Week3:

Create QR Codes for the URL of your favorite web site and place those QR Codes on the web.

Lesson B for Week3:

Download PicCall App as described in Chapter 9.  Add your personal information to the App (name and phone number). Use PicCall to call yourself.

Week 4

Read Chapters 10-11

Lesson for Week4:

Download “Paint Pot”.

Change all instances of Red to Orange.

Change all instances of Blue to Purple.

Change all instances of Green to Yellow.

Tech Empowerment: Android App Inventor (paperback)

Tech Empowerment: Android App Inventor (ebook) (note: Our publisher has disabled the ability to print the ebook)