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WordPress Course Outline

An Introduction to WordPress and GIMP

Course Description: An introduction to the basics of web development using WordPress and GIMP.  This course is lead by a live instructor.

Content: WordPress and GIMP.

Length: 4 Weeks

Course Introduction vs.

vs 3rd Party Providers Registration Profile Configuration Appearance Themes Appearance Widgets Pages Posts, Comments,

Ratings, Polls Appearance

Typekit Fonts, Extras, Headers,

Backgrounds Users and Tools Dashboard

3rd Party WordPress Installations

WordPress Templates

GIMP Installation

GIMP Toolbox, Images and Layers

WordPress E-Commerce

Weekly Lessons


Read Chapters 1-8

Complete Lessons 1-4 (see Chapter 18)

Week 2

Read Chapters 9-12

Complete Lessons 5-10 (see Chapter 18)

Week 3

Read Chapters 13-16

Complete Lessons 11-15 (see Chapter 18)

Week 4

Read Chapters 17-19

Complete Lessons 15-18 (see Chapter 18)

Tech Empowerment: An Intro to WordPress & GIMP (paperback)

Tech Empowerment: An Intro to WordPress & GIMP (ebook) (note: ebook printing has been disabled by the publisher)